Brisbane Parking – Most Expensive In Australia (Again)

July 2nd, 2012

Once again, Brisbane has won the dubious distinction of Australia’s Most Expensive Parking Rates.

The RACQ’s annual audit of capital city off-street parking costs examined the parking rates of all Australian CBDs, and has determined that at an average cost of a whopping $27.94 per hour, Brisbane is Australia’s most expensive CBD for one-hour parking.

The average weekday Brisbane CBD parking rates increased 28.7 per cent over the past year and Brisbane motorists are now paying almost four times what they did in 2001.

Brisbane short term parking rates are currently five per cent higher than the Sydney CBD at $26.71 per hour and 64 per cent more than Melbourne at $17.08 per hour.

Brisbane motorists who want to go to the CBD for a movie, shopping or some other purpose will pay an average of $42.31 for two hours’ parking and $65.71 for four hours.

The video below is Channel 10 story on the RACQ study.

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