Australian Parking Fees Amongst most expensive in the world

July 29th, 2009

If you’ve been thinking that it seems expensive to park your car these days, then you are absolutely right.  In fact the Parking Fees in Australian cities are some of the most expensive in the world, with three Australian capitals ranking in the top ten worldwide for monthly parking rates.

money-bagThe Colliers International parking rate survey, an annual review of Parking Rates across 140 city parking districts around the world, recently released their 2009 results. Sydney, Brisbane and Perth all ranked in the top 10 of the most expensive median monthly parking costs in the world.

With a median parking rate of $730, Sydney CBD was the most expensive in Australia and the fifth most expensive in the world. Perhaps surprisingly, #2 in Australia and 7th worldwide was Brisbane ($660), with Perth coming in a close 3rd in Australia and #9 globally at $645 per month.  Melbourne came in fourth in Australia ($425) followed by Adelaide ($275) and Canberra ($255).

The most expensive locations are London and London’s West End (which were ranked first and second)  followed by Amsterdam in third place.

If you are struggling to find a parking space at a price you can afford (or are willing to pay), it could very well be worth your while to take a look at an online service called SpaceOut (  This new service provides listings of different types of spaces available for rent – Australia wide, and whilst they specialise in private storage spaces for homes and businesses, they also have a category for parking spaces. And the spaces they currently have available are a good deal cheaper than those detailed in the Colliers study.

The Average cost for parking Space listings on SpaceOut is dramatically cheaper than the monthly rate from the Colliers as outlined in the following table :

City SpaceOut
Monthly Rate
Colliers Survey
Monthly Rate
Sydney Parking $199 $730
Brisbane Parking $166 $660
Melbourne Parking $155 $425

Whilst there are currently not many parking space listings on SpaceOut for Perth, there is quite a strong demand for spaces – with a number of parking Space Wanted listings.

We have seen very strong growth in our parking Space Listings, and when we became aware of the Colliers research data, we could certainly understand why.

London and London’s West End were ranked first and second most expensive spots followed by Amsterdam.
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  1. moldricd
    June 2nd, 2010 at 17:38 | #1

    There is a reason for this in Sydney. NSW OSR webpage below on CBD non-residential, off-street Parking Space Levies increasing from $950 to $2,000 as a 1 Jul 2009 (

  2. JohnnyBoy
    July 8th, 2010 at 11:29 | #2

    Just done some research and discovered Brisbane has the most expensive car parking in the world:-
    Brisbane Airport – $16.00 first hour
    King George Square (CBD) – $16.00 first hour
    Myer Centre (CBD) – $25.00 first hour
    Eagle Street Pier – $29.00 first hour (Ouch!)

    It also has the most expensive taxis in the world:-
    Brisbane Airport to CBD – $38.50 (Only 13 Km)…Just to convert that for our foreign readers is $34.00 USD, or 22.00 British Pounds or 27.00 Euros.

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