A Current Affair: Parking Cash Cows

October 13th, 2010

Car parks are the ultimate cash cow –
milking thousands of Australians every day for their hard earned cash

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program ran a story tonight about the horrendous prices being charged by Parking Stations throughout Australia.

Airport Parking, Hospital parking, and especially CBD parking stations are charging exorbitant prices – adding a huge extra expense to your day out.

In Sydney you will need to pay up to $40 for 4 hours parking and in Brisbane you should expect to pay up to $61. Melbourne will set you back $54 for a 4 hour stay.

To make it worse, some parking stations highlight “special offers” from just $2 or $5. But unless you are very careful to read the fine print and abide by strict conditions, it is quite possible you will be slugged for between $30 and $50 for parking just 1-2 hrs.

Airports and Hospitals are also notorious for their parking fees, and because in many cases there is no other choice but to pay for parking, people are often forced to cut their visits short 0 – in order to9 try and reduce the costs.

If you are looking for casual parking, sites like CarParking.info are available to help you to find Cheap Parking.  They also offer a Free iphone  App which you can use while you are out and about amd on the prowl for cheap parking.

But of course, if you are looking for cheap longer term parking, you can search for Parking Spaces for rent on SpaceOut.com.au

See the ACA Story – Parking Fury

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