Money for Jam (Final Episode) – SpaceOut, Kids Jobs, Washing Powder and Small Business Ideas

November 4th, 2009

Welmoney-for-jam-teaml it’s been a while coming, but SpaceOut finally made it on to the final Money for Jam Episode in this series.  Episode 8 went to air – Wednesday night (4 November), with the final round of tips on how you can  make or save  a little extra money.

paul-clitheroeThis episode featured SpaceOut in a story about some innovative Small Business ideas for making money. Paul Clitheroe, one of Australia’s leading media commentators on financial issues said :

One Idea that I really like is SpaceOut.  I love this idea of making money out of things that we already own.  SpaceOut is a website where you can list a spare bedroom, an empty garage, or a farmer could even list an empty paddock for animals for agistment.  It’s kind of making money out of nothing – that’s got to be a really good idea.

The Final episode also included stories about :

  • Making your own Washing Powder – is easier than you think and a way to save a packet on your laundry costs
  • Kids Jobs – becoming a referee for their favourite sport – or busking can be a great way for kids to make money
  • Family Daycare – ever thought about setting up your own Family Day care centre ?
  • Small Business Ideas – setting up your own small business (like SpaceOut) can be a fabulous way to make some extra money

We are excited to see that SpaceOut has once again been recognised as a great way for ordinary Australians to make some extra money (by renting out unused space in your home and business) or saving money (by finding cheap and convenient space to rent).

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