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Map Guide

You can move around the map, by simply clicking and dragging it with your mouse, or use the "+" and "-" icons to zoom in and zoom out. You can also double click to zoom in (left) or zoom out (right). The buttons inset into the top right of the map allow you to switch between Map, Satelite Photo, and Terrain views.

Search Guide

You can change the area covered by the map by specifiying a suburb, town, city, postcode or even street name, and clicking Search. This will then take you to the Search Results page.

Default Map Location

The default location for the map shown on the Spaceout home page results, will vary depending on the different situations outlined below :

Latest Search Query Once you have made a Space Search, we will remember what location you used last, and use that as the default map location the next time you view this page.
Set your Own Default SpaceOut Members can specify a default location (via the My Profile page).
Logged In If you have already registered and logged in (and have provided your address details as a part of the registration process) we will use your postcode as the central point for the the map.
Otherwise If none of the above apply to you, then we will display a location which already contains a number of listings - this default location could be anywhere in Australia.
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