legal & taxation considerations

This page provides an outline of some of the Taxation, Insurance and Legal considerations that both SpaceOwners and SpaceSeekers should be aware of  :

Tax Considerations

Please note that, as a SpaceOwner, depending on your personal income situation, there may be tax considerations in regards to income received from renting your space. We recommend that each SpaceOwner contact their tax/accounting professional for further advice. As a SpaceSeeker, you may also be able to claim the cost of renting a space. Again, please check with your tax/accounting professional for more info.

Insurance Considerations

You may already have Home and Contents Insurance on your home or business premises, and this may cover items stored for others also. If you have any concerns, or you don’t have Home and Contents Insurance, we recommend contacting your chosen insurer to check on your insurance status for storing more goods, or obtaining the correct insurance. Please note that SpaceOut does not advocate or promote any specific insurer, and that you should seek the best insurance advice for your personal situation and premises. See the Self Storage Insurance page for more info regarding insurance options.

Legal Considerations

There may be legal implications to storing any goods which are hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful, or explosive, firearms, weapons, bio-hazardous or any drugs.

It is the responsibility of the SpaceSeeker to disclose the contents of their stored items, and the responsibility of the SpaceOwner to refuse to store illegal goods if requested by the SpaceSeeker.

SpaceOut accepts no responsibility for any interaction or agreement between the SpaceOwner and SpaceSeeker once these two parties have made contact.

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