self storage is SO expensive !!!

Yes… we thought so too...  But it doesn't have to be.

When we started looking for self storage we were horrified at the costs of traditional self storage facilites, and wondered if there were any other alternatives. Then we had an idea… which has evolved into a brand new concept in the Australian Storage Industry… a revolution inSelf Storage.

Happy Space SeekersSpaceOut, provides a service which helps Individuals and Business Owners to find convenient, secure, inexpensive and flexible, self storage solutions t - Australia wide.

SpaceOut provides a directory of local self storage spaces that are currently available for rent within your own community, and allows you to search, browse, and locate a storage space which meets your specific needs and budget.  You can contact Space Owners directly for more details, to arrange an inspection, or negotiate a storage agreement.

SpaceOut offers Individuals and Business Owners more storage options than have been available ever before – with greater flexibility, a wider range of features – and at a lower price.

Take a look through this site and see what it has to offer. You can Search for Storage Spaces in your local area to see what is currently available; or you can find out more about being a Space Seeker.

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