making money out of thin air is impossible !!!

Oh no it’s not…..people in your local area – and maybe your own street are doing it right now.

If you have some unused or empty space in your Home or Business then you can probably do it too.

A spare room, a garden shed, an unused parking space or garage, a spare office, wasted space under your house, or even an empty wardrobe can all be easily harnessed to earn you an extra regular income.

SpaceOut is an entirely new business concept which provides Australian Home and Business Owners with an opportunity to turn your spare space into a regular passive income.  In these times of financial uncertainty and increasing living costs, an extra $200 a month (or more) would certainly make a difference to most of us.

SpaceOut provides a unique service to Space Owners – by putting you in touch with people from your own community who are looking for convenient, secure and inexpensive self storage solutions.

Take a look through this site and see what it has to offer. You can Search for Storage Spaces in your local area to see what is already currently available; or you can find out more about being a Space Owner.

Listing Fee?


We offer a number of Fee options for your Space for Rent listing - You get to choose in the next step. Or see SpaceOwner Fees for more information.


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