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Commercial Space Operator ListingsThis page is designed specifically for Commercial Operators (Self Storage Facilities, Parking Stations, Serviced Office services, etc...) to explain you how you can maximise exposure of the spaces you have available for rent and provide you with an opportunity to advertise your spaces to qualified storage space seekers in a very cost effective way.  It’s not a sales page, but more of a short guide on how to efficiently promote and rent out your spaces. The 3 simple steps on how you can do it are below.

SpaceOut provides a single place on the web that people looking for space (space seekers) can come to find the spaces they are looking for. It is simple and free for them to use and we already have thousands of visitors coming to our site each week in every area of Australia.

Options and Costs

Before we get to the 3 simple steps, we will first explain the options you have and the associated fees, so that you can decide for yourself which is best for your business:

  1. You can advertise an individual space, or any multiple of them for just $6 a month. The information you can add to this listing includes dimensions, options, accessibility, a description of the space and up to 3 photos. Many of the operators that list with us typically advertise 3-6 different space types (and this still works out cheaper than a few cups of coffee a month).

  2. Advertise your business for 3 months for just $55 - including a link to your website, your logo, and up to 10 photos of your facility and staff (this will help personalise you for your customers).

There are no more costs than these for this service. We do not charge a fee for leads, or a commission for successful bookings, or any other fees, and you can run your listing for as long (or short) as you wish

How to do it?

Step 1: First create a free membership account with SpaceOut, this enables you to get in touch with space seekers (real people who are looking for space) who have created "space wanted" listings and explained the kind of space and the area they are searching for. If you have what they want, you can contact them directly for free.

Step 2: Create your unit listings, choosing from the above 2 options – ( many operators do choose to run both options together).

Step 3: Take some good pictures of your spaces (for option 1), or of  your business (for option 2), and we suggest you could personalise it with your staff or team image, and upload it into your listing. You can also send us an email with your website link and we will manually add this into your listing.

About SpaceOut

SpaceOut - The one-stop-place-for-space
Though we have been around for a few years building our service, our team, our customer traffic and our web presence, we have only recently tailored our service for real storage operators.

Our aim has been to revolutionise the way and the ease with which people looking for all types of spaces to rent (your potential customers) find what they want. Looking at the industry as a whole, the options available to consumers now are as varied as ever, and simplifying this information is the key to our service. Our in-house SEO team works specifically to make sure people looking for space find us online easily (we achieve page one rankings on Google for many “space for rent” based searches).

For more information about how facilities get value out of SpaceOut, see this recent post on our blog (SpaceOut adds new features for Commercial Operator Listings).

We are confident this will greatly simplify the whole ‘‘find customers and get your empty spaces filled’’ process for both Space Owners (You) and Space Seekers (your customers). Oh, and we are constantly improving our service, and really value your input, so please give us your ideas and feedback about how our service can help your more.

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