Offers of Help Flood In

January 12th, 2011

Sorry about the pun in the title, but in moments of diversity Aussies are renown for keeping their sense of humour.  They are also well known for giving a mate a helping hand, and we have been gratified by the “flood” of offers of assistance that have already been listed on HelpOut.

Since the HelpOut service was launched just a few days ago, we have had thousands of visitors, and the number of listings and offers of assistance to flood victims is growing every day.

Currently, almost all the HelpOut listings so far are offers of help, with very few calls for assistance.  This is not really surprising, as those directly affected by the floods have plenty on their hands at the moment, and getting online (even if they can get internet access) to see what help is available, is not really a priority.  Over time though, as the floods eventually ease, and flood victims get back to their homes and businesses and the cleanup process begins, we anticipate that there will be an increasing number of “Help wanted” listings posted.

At the moment , if you are able to offer any sort of assistance to flood victims, no matter where you are, please create a listing (it will then remain active for 1 month unless you cancel or renew it), and check back regularly to see if there is anyone in your area who could do with a helping hand.

We would also like to encourage friends and families of  flood victims to keep an eye out on HelpOut for any offers of assistance that might be of benefit to them… and even consider responding to the listing on their behalf.

Tell your mates

If you like what HelpOut is trying to do, and believe (like we do) that it is going to be of great benefit to the flood victims, please spread the word about it by telling friends, families colleagues, and sending them links to the site.  Talk about HelpOut on Facebook, and Tweet about it to your mates.  The more people that get to know about this service, the more effective it is likely to be.

We’ve also created a simple flyer which you can download, print, and put up in your work place or community noticeboard to help spread the word.

HelpOut Feedback

We’ve had lots of feedback to HelpOut so far – here is a selection :

  • Very good resource hope it helps.
  • Great job!
  • Great concept. Only real problem currently is that people impacted by the floods won’t be able to access the system
  • What a wonderful idea. Congratulations.
  • Don’t forget the people in WA that have been flooded.
    (a very good point – although the focus at the moment is maybe the QLD floods, HelpOut can also be used for WA Fires, and VIC and SA Fllods too)
  • What a great idea for people in need.
  • Great idea, more advertising needed to let people know its here.
    (Here here, we agree, we are doing what we can to spread the word, but you can help too)
  • What a wonderful website. That Queensland community spirit truly shining through. Congratulation on a great way to help connect those that need help with those that are offering help.
  • Great idea for those of us who have no idea how we can offer help to flood victims- thankyou
  • brilliant site..i see it helping many..great idea
  • Great to see something like this
  • great concept – it’s nice to see something so positive coming into the forefront

If you like what HelpOut has to offer, please spread the word.  If you don’t like it – or could suggest how we could improve the service, please let us know – we would LOVE your feedback.

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  1. shirley jackson
    January 16th, 2011 at 10:06 | #1

    I am in Beachmere but I am fully fenced and would love to foster a small dog owned by a flood victim – I want to do something to help out anybody affected by the floods in Brisbane. I can look after a dog for any length of time – hoping to hear from you – Shirley Jackson

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