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This page addresses the Top 3 questions we are asked about SpaceOut.


Also see SpaceOwner FAQs or SpaceSeeker FAQs for more Questions & Answers


Q: How much does it cost to list on SpaceOut?

A: Searching for spaces on SpaceOut and Registering as a SpaceOut Member is completely FREE.

For the latest information on fees associated with creating your listing, please see the SpaceOut Fees and Costs page. But there are no other fees at all - SpaceOut will NOT charge anything if you find a space, or if you find someone to rent out your space. Any financial arrangements will be entirely between the SpaceOwner and SpaceSeeker, we don't need (or want) to be involved in this transaction at all.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: Whether you want to rent out your own unused space or are looking for a space to rent - you win :
SpaceSeekers, can save a bunch on the price of renting a space. Most SpaceOwners only ask around 50-70% of the "going rate" for renting out their space.
SpaceOwners, can easily make hundreds of dollars per month (depending on the kind of space you have) for little or no effort - turning your unused space into cash.

Q: Is it Safe?

A: To protect both Space Owners and Renters, we recommend that a Space Rental Agreement is used (we provide a sample agreement to use as the basis for your own personalised agreement).

Insurance : We suggest that you check with your insurer to find out how to extend your insurance to cover stored items. See our Insurance page for more information about Insurance.

Security : We recommend that you speak to, and ideally, arrange a face to face meeting as a part of the space rental negotiation process. You should only agree to rent the space if you are both comfortable with each other.
SpaceSeekers : Be sensible about the types of items that you store. Bulky, relatively low value items are ideal for private storage, but you may be better off making other arrangements for small or expensive items. Ensure that you are happy with security arrangements for your things and remember you can probably provide your own padlocks or other safety measures.
SpaceOwners : Ensure that you know what types of items are being stored and that you are satisfied that the stuff contains nothing illegal or dangerous (this should also be covered by the rental agreement). Remember that you can define the terms of access that you are happy with. Consider the benefits of someone storing their things at your place, and accessing it occasionally, to having a boarder or room mate. Whilst storage space rental income may not earn you quite as much as a boarder, you will not have to "share your life" with anyone else.

If you have any general queries about SpaceOut, get in touch via our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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