Cumberland Park Storage Spaces

Storage Space for Rent in Eaton Street, Cumberland Park - SA, 5041 - Australia

Storage Type: Storage - Garage or Shed
Access Type: By Arrangement
Size: 24 m3 = 4 x 3 x 2 metres
(Width x Depth x Height)
From: 15-May-2019
To: Not Specified
Space Profile: Garden Shed that sits in the back yard of a rental property that is used for AirBnB. Access is currently via the driveway that comes in off Eaton Street however we are creating a driveway off Morris Street (as the property is on a corner) which will be locked and I am happy to give the renter of the space a key to access. This will be ready in the next month. The renter of the space will just need to coordinate with the manager of the AirBnB so as to not disrupt or scare any potential AirBnB tenants.
Owner Profile: My wife and I have 3 kids and have a number of investment properties that we rent out to create an income using a number of different strategies. We are all about maximising the income and minimising expenses. We have both travelled extensively and we kno

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