save money, make money (or both) in 2009

January 9th 2009

January is the perfect time of year to reflect on last year, consolidate your life and do a bit of planning for the year to come. With the stock market losses and cost of living increases of 2008, and with more of the same looming for the year to come, 2009, seems likely to be a difficult year for many people. Anything we are able to do to cut back on expenses or give our income a bit of a boost could make a big difference to how 2009 turns out for us. 
Over Christmas, many of us take the opportunity to do a bit of a clean out and a reshuffle of our homes and businesses, and during January many people are looking for self storage as a means of de-cluttering their busy lives. In fact, according to Google data, January is by far the busiest time of year for people in Australia to search for terms like “Self Storage” – with a 20% increase in search volumes each January over the last few years.
A new online service called SpaceOut promises to save you money on Self Storage and in fact could even make you money as well.

Saving Money on Self Storage

SpaceOut provides a service which helps homes and business to find convenient, secure, inexpensive and flexible local self storage solutions - Australia wide. is an online listing service for anyone with spare or unused space around their homes or businesses. SpaceOut provides a simple search system for people looking for storage space, allowing them to easily search for spaces available in their own local community – with results clearly displayed on a map. Once a suitable space has been located, it’s then simply a matter of contacting the space owner, viewing the space, reaching an agreement and moving your stuff in.
Storage space rental prices through SpaceOut are typically between 50% and 75% of similar spaces in traditional Self Storage facilities, can offer a much wider variety of options, and are usually much more convenient – often in your own suburb and possibly even in your own street.
SpaceOut offers homes and businesses more storage options than have ever been available before – with greater flexibility, a wider range of features and at a lower price.

Making Money from Self Storage

Homes and businesses with extra space can now make money fast and easily by renting it out. The space can be just about anything – a spare room, an empty office, a garden shed, a garage, an unused wardrobe, or even a clear space in your yard. People want to rent out spaces to store all sorts of things – cars, caravans, boats, furniture and other household items, books, clothes, wine, documents and much more.
Space owners can expect to earn up to $200 a month - or more - for a space the size of a small bedroom. Would an extra $2,000 make a difference to you in 2009?
SpaceOut provides a unique service to space owners and space seekers by connecting home and business owners with empty space to people who are looking for convenient, secure and inexpensive local self storage solutions. 2009 doesn’t have to be a struggle!

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